Welcome to the 134th Canton Fair

October 11, 2023
the 134th carton fairinvitation letter

Welcome to the 134th Canton Fair, where you'll discover our dedicated presence at Booth No. 8.0O03-04. We extend a warm invitation to visit our booth, providing an excellent opportunity for in-depth discussions and exploring the exciting offerings we have in store for you. Your presence at our booth will be highly appreciated, and we look forward to engaging with you and sharing our innovations and insights.

Our carton fair booth No. 8.0O03-04.

Contact Us

Contact: Demi Jin YAN(Director)
Phone: +8618523009477
Add: Dong He Road, De Gan Industrial Park, Jiang Jin District, Chongqing, China.
+86 23 4726 7801
Demi Jin Yan(Director)
+86 185 2300 9477
+86 185 2300 9477
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